Tuesday, April 16, 2024

High Performance Modules For Rapid Processing and Computer Vision

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  • congatec’s 11th Gen Intel core processor-based modules offer improved benefits for utilising high bandwidth interfaces at fast speeds
  • The performance enhancements provide more compute power and power savings

congatec has introduced its COM-HPC Client size A module and nex-gen COM Express Compact Computer-on-Module, which will enable engineers to further scale the performance of their existing systems or develop the next generation of products that utilise COM-HPC’s broader array of interfaces.

OEMs will also benefit from the substantial performance improvements as well as communication enhancements that the new modules based on 11th Gen Intel Core processors deliver to the high-end computing sector. Typical high-end applications include embedded systems and edge computing nodes to network hubs; local fog data centers to core network appliances, as well as ruggedized central cloud data centres for critical government applications.

“These modules are based on 11th Gen Intel Core processors that feature high-performance CPU/GPU compute with integrated AI acceleration for applications that demand high-speed processing and computer vision,” says Gerhard Edi, CTO at congatec.

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The 11th Gen Intel Core processors provide:

  • Massive CPU performance boost
  • Fast DDR4 memory
  • Expansive PCIe Gen4 and USB 4.0 bandwidth

These performance enhancements are accompanied by features critical for communication connected edge computers. All these deliver increased power savings, physical density and more compute power.

Benefit of choice

“Design engineers now have the choice to go either with COM Express or COM-HPC. Each provides unique benefits, for example, we have an improved next-gen connector for COM Express that is expected to offer better bandwidth capacities compared to what was available in the past. This is essential information for engineers thinking about utilising the high bandwidth interfaces such as PCIe Gen 4. Engineers choosing COM-HPC will benefit from by far more high-speed interfaces delivered over 800 signal pins in total. This is almost twice as many pins as COM Express Type 6 modules deliver with 440 pins,” explains Andreas Bergbauer, Product Line Manager at congatec. To help engineers make the best choice, congatec provides comprehensive engineering support.

Besides PCIe Gen 4, the new congatec Computer-on-Modules with low-power 11th Gen Intel Core processors also offer USB 4.0, which is based on Intel’s Thunderbolt technology. USB 4.0 supports data transfer at high rates of up to 40 Gbit/s and tunnelling of PCIe 4.0 as well as DP-Alt mode supporting video signals of up to 8k resolution with 10-bit HDR at 60 Hz.

Extensive feature support

The COM-HPC Client size A module conga-HPC/cTLU, as well as the COM Express Compact conga-TC570, will be available with the 11th Gen Intel Core processors. Both modules support PCIe x4 in Gen 4 quality for connecting external peripherals with massive bandwidth.

Additionally, designers can leverage 8x PCIe Gen 3.0 x1 lanes. Where the COM-HPC module offers latest 2x USB 4.0 and 2x USB 3.2 Gen 2 and 8x USB 2.0, the COM Express module offers 4x USB 3.2 Gen 2 and 8x USB 2.0 in compliance to the PICMG specification. Sound is provided via I2S, SoundWire by COM-HPC, and HDA by COM Express modules.

Comprehensive board support packages are also provided for all leading OS’s like Linux, Windows and Chrome, as well as hypervisor support from Real‑Time Systems.


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