Wednesday, July 17, 2024

High-Performance MOSFET For Electric Vehicle Applications

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  • Allows higher switching frequencies with low gate losses
  • Meets the needs of the rough automotive environment

To meet the needs of the electro-mobility market, Infineon Technologies has launched its new product family: the CoolMOS™ CFD7A series. These silicon-based, high-performance products can be used in both the PFC and the DC-DC stage of on-board charger systems and HV-LV DC-DC converters specifically optimized for electric-vehicle applications.

The CoolMOS CFD7A is fully compatible with system voltages up to 475 VDC. Higher efficiency levels are made possible by the Kelvin-source concept reaching peak efficiency levels up to 98.4 per cent.

Thanks to their intrinsic fast body diode and the broad portfolio line-up in TO and SMD packages, the CFD7A devices are very well-suited for PFC and DC-DC stages. The product family allows higher switching frequencies with low gate losses, thus enabling more power-dense hence more compact designs. Additionally, the new CoolMOS technology platform meets the needs of the rough automotive environment, especially in terms of radiation and design robustness.

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The 650 V CoolMOS CFD7A technology when used in combination with the D2PAK 7-pin package, provides enhanced efficiency, excellent thermal behaviour and extended creepage distances too.

The CoolMOS CFD7A family is manufactured on the highly automated 300 mm production line, which contributes to reach the zero-defect target in mass production to fulfil the growing market demand. The 650 V CoolMOS CFD7A in TO-220, TO-247, TO-247 short leads, D²PAK 3-pin and D²PAK 7-pin packages are now available.


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