Tuesday, June 18, 2024

High-Temperature Solid State Relay Suitable For Current Monitoring

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  • The solid state relay by Littelfuse has a high-voltage rating and a high-temperature range
  • It replaces electromechanical relays for improved performance in industrial applications

Littelfuse, a manufacturer of technologies in circuit protection, power control and sensing, has released the PLA172P OptoMOS Relay, an 800 V normally-open single-pole 6-pin solid-state relay (SSR).

This combination of high voltage rating, high-temperature range and surface-mountable packaging is recommended for applications including:


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  • Industrial
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical
  • Isolation Test Equipment
  • Battery Isolation Monitors
  • Industrial Solar Field Isolation Monitor

 Application Example – Isolation Current Monitor

Isolation current monitor circuits for higher voltage systems >400 V require high blocking voltage, low off-state leakage current relays with high input-to-output isolation rating to prevent potentially lethal current conduction to the system chassis. The PLA172P relay’s 800 V load voltage rating with 100 mA load current capability provides additional design margin compared to the more common 600 V rated SSRs, particularly on noisy AC power line applications and high voltage battery applications. The 105 degrees Celsius specifications including the low 5 µA maximum off-state leakage current rating in conjunction with the low on-resistance, makes it the ideal choice for high precision isolation current monitor applications.

Key benefits include:

  • Replaces bulky and failure-prone electromechanical relays (EMRs).
  • Unique device pinout provides more than 6.8 mm of pad-to-pad separation between the high voltage output pins preventing arcing.
  • 5000 VRMS input-to-output isolation.
  • 5 mA low input control current over the operating temperature range.

“The PLA172P is an extension to our OptoMOS solid-state relay product line, offering our highest voltage rating (800V) in a surface mount SSR Flatpack package,” said Steve Andrezyk, Global Product Manager at Littelfuse. “It also has our highest temperature range in a solid-state relay, extending our operational temperature range from 85 degrees Celsius up to 105 degrees Celsius, enabling hardware engineers to precisely design their circuits at very challenging temperatures.”

PLA172P OptoMOS relays are available in tape and reel format in quantities of 1,000 as well as 50 per tube. They can be obtained through authorised Littelfuse distributors worldwide.


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