Monday, May 27, 2024

Highly Intuitive GNSS Receiver Evaluation Software

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Equipped with advanced features, the software improves the overall positioning performance to offer enhanced user experience

Offering highly intuitive interface and boosting global navigation satellite system (GNSS)-based services is the new evaluation software, u-center 2 by u-blox. It is the successor to the earlier u-center GNSS evaluation software and runs on Microsoft Windows.

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Fully compatible with the latest ublox M10 GNSS technology, u-center 2 improves overall performance, as well as simplifies the configuration, evaluation and software development of GNSS-based solutions.

Adaptive window elements of the u-center 2 help observe the static and dynamic behaviour of the connected GNSS receiver. A built-in log player analyses log files of the previous software version of the software. Other features include message- and time-based navigation, and configurable playback speeds. Automatic updates ensure the software includes the latest features. Additionally, u-center simplifies the evaluation of the growing portfolio of GNSS-related location services such as AssistNow, through which GNSS receivers gain access to GNSS aiding data, enhancing startup performance and thus saving power.

“We are confident that users will immediately recognise how easy u-center 2 makes it to set up and evaluate the latest generations of our GNSS chips and modules,” says Bernd Heidtmann, Product Manager, Product Strategy for Standard Precision GNSS, u-blox. “With its fresh and minimalist user interface, the upcoming quick product configuration designed for key use cases and optimised data logging, u-center 2 will raise the benchmark for GNSS evaluation tools in terms of performance and user experience.”

The u-center will continue to be used for GNSS solutions based on earlier technology platforms. The new u-center 2 can be downloaded now from the company website.


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