Saturday, June 22, 2024

Infineon’s New Gate Driver Offers A Versatile Solution For Various EV Applications

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The EiceDRIVER APD 2ED2410-EM is a gate driver by Infineon that can be an ideal solution for upcoming 12V/24V automotive applications.

The EiceDRIVER APD 2ED2410-EM by Infineon. | Credit : Infineon

Modern cars feature numerous advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Safety-critical ADAS applications must be designed for high availability, and automated driving functions are even more challenging to implement as they introduce failed operational requirements. Since fuses cannot meet this requirement, a partial or full electrification of the primary power distribution needs to be considered.

Infineon has launched the EiceDRIVER APD 2ED2410-EM, a smart high-side N-channel MOSFET gate driver with two outputs controlled via logic pins designed for the new upcoming automotive power distribution architectures for 12 and 24 V board nets.

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The device is integrated with a boost converter that allows external MOSFETs to stay continuously on and operational also at cold cranking conditions down to 3 V. An efficient boost converter sets the range of idle and normal supply current in µA, which is beneficial if loads need to be supplied while the vehicle is parked (key off mode). The number of MOSFETs can easily be scaled up to manage large currents in the order of several hundred amps, while ensuring fast switch on and off within µs with the help of the enhanced turn-on and turn-off ability of the driver.

The device supports three analog measurement interfaces and four integrated comparators for protection purposes, allowing flexible and versatile solutions for various Electrical/Electronic(E/E) architecture requirements, for example: adjustable I-t wire protection, overcurrent protection, over/under-voltage protection and more.

  • Extended supply voltage range: 3 – 58 V
  • Two high-side gate driver outputs with 3 Ω pull-down and 50 Ω for pull-up for fast switch off/on
  • Two bidirectional high-side analog current sense interfaces with externally adjustable gain
  • Channel control and diagnostic via pins
  • Analog interface for external temperature measurement
  • Gate under-voltage lock-out (UVLO)
  • AEC-Q100 qualification


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