Thursday, April 25, 2024

Modules With Wireless Connectivity For Broad Range Of IoT Applications

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Bluetooth, Zigbee, Thread and Multiprotocol modules speed time-to-market for smart home, building and industrial automation applications

To address the modern needs of IoT application development, the portfolio consisting of the wireless modules with full-stack support for multiprotocol solutions has been launched. These enable commercial and consumer IoT applications, with flexible package options and highly integrated device security. 

The new modules include: 

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  • xGM210PB: It features Secure Vault, the ARM PSA Level 2 certified state-of-the-art IoT device security, as well as dynamic multiprotocol support for Bluetooth, Zigbee, and OpenThread with robust and supports Wi-Fi coexistence. Optimised for IoT applications, including connected lighting, gateways, voice assistants and smart meter in-home displays, xGM210PB modules offer up to +20dBM output power and better than -104dBm sensitivity.
  • BGM220: It is a small Bluetooth module and supports Bluetooth Direction Finding. The integrated, pre-certified Bluetooth 5.2 module delivers up to ten-year operation on a coin cell battery, ideal for a broad range of Bluetooth LE applications including appliances, asset tags, beacons, portable medical, fitness and Bluetooth mesh low-power nodes.
  • MGM220: It is a low-power, low-cost ideal for eco-friendly, ultra-low-power IoT products such as lighting controls, building and industrial automation sensors. The modules are ideal for Zigbee Green Power and energy harvesting applications.
  • BGX220 Xpress: It includes an onboard Bluetooth stack, Xpress command interface and pre-programmed cable replacement firmware to deliver a serial to Bluetooth LE solution needing no firmware development. The modules are ideal for industrial applications including human-machine interface (HMI) devices, addressing size, safety and environmental challenges. 

These highly integrated modules are available in multiple package options including system-in-package (SiP) and traditional printed circuit board (PCB). SiP modules contain miniaturised components that remove the need for complicated RF design and certification by opening space-constrained IoT designs to module-based solutions. PCB modules enable flexible pin access and additional options to extend RF performance.

“Our new modules offer a simple, effective solution to the complex problem of RF engineering and testing, allowing IoT device makers to quickly get pre-certified and secure wireless devices into the market,” said Matt Saunders, vice president of IoT marketing and applications at Silicon Labs.

The modules are supported in the free Silicon Labs Simplicity Studio 5, a fully integrated development environment, featuring comprehensive software stacks, application demos and mobile apps, along with premium features, such as network analyzer and patented energy profiler. Customers are also able to further accelerate wireless development by taking advantage of simple APIs from Silicon Labs Xpress modules.

Samples, production quantities and development kits for xGM210PB, BGM220, MGM220 and BGX220 Xpress are available now from Silicon Labs.


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