Tuesday, June 18, 2024

iWave Launches Agilex Soc FPGA Based SoM

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iWave develops a System on Module that provides customized acceleration and connectivity for a wide range of computations.

iWave Systems, an embedded technology computing company, has announced the release of its new System on Module (SoM). The SoM comes in two variants of Intel Agilex FPGA SoC, Agilex F-Series and Agilex I-Series.

Agilex R31 SoC FPGA based SoM | Courtesy of iWave Systems

iW-RainboW-G43 – Intel® Agilex TM R31BSoC SOM: AGI 019, AGI 023, AGI 022, AGI 027
iW-RainboW-G51 – Intel® Agilex TM R24C SoC SOM: AGF 006, AGF 008, AGF 012, AGF 014, AGF 022, AGF 023, AGF 027
Using Agilex SoC/FPGAs allows a boost in connectivity and performance for a wide range of computing and bandwidth intensive applications such as data center, networking and edge applications. It provides a performance boost with 40% less power consumption.

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The device is available in a 120mm x 90mm form factor, while providing 2x fabric performance per watt and integrates the ARM Cortex A53 Core application processor enabling high system configuration. The device can process huge and complex algorithms with its 2.7M programmable logic elements.

  • Up to 64 FGT transceiver channels (up to 32G
    NRZ / 58G PAM4)
  • Up to 8 FHT transceiver channels (up to 58G
    NRZ / 116G PAM4)
  • On SoM PTP & SyncE Network Synchronizers
  • SmartVID to adjust voltage as per the
    temperature and performance requirements
  • Up to 138 LVDS/276 SE IOs
  • Gigabit Ethernet x 1 (through On-SOM Gigabit Ethernet PHY)
  • USB2.0 OTG x 1 (through On-SOM USB2.0 transceiver)
  • SPI x 1
  • Debug UART x 1
  • SD x 1 (Optional)
  • I2C x 2
  • Data UART x 1
  • JTAG x 1

The device comes with a development kit and up to date software packages. The product aims to meet various computational needs and a wide range of similar applications.


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