Friday, June 14, 2024

Low Power Bluetooth 5.3 SoC Family With Energy Harvesting Technology

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The high-performance product offers 3-to-5x longer battery life for battery-free IoT solutions across a wide range of sectors

Often we have to constantly replace batteries in IoT devices to ensure they continue to operate without long interruptions. Although this helps during the short run, in the long run, unsatisfactory battery disposal techniques cause adverse effects on the environment.

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Realising this issue, a few semiconductor companies are coming out with products that minimise the risk to the environment. One such is the ATM33 Series Bluetooth 5.3 family of high-performance system-on-chips (SoCs) by Atmosic. 

The device family focuses on offering advanced energy harvesting and ultra-low power technology for battery-free operations. Best-in-class radio power performance with a 0.7mA receiver and an innovative transmitter that can operate efficiently with output power from 0dBm to 10dBm allow approximately 3-to-5x longer battery life compared to other similar products.

“Building upon our proven ultra-low-power radio technology and market success, we are enhancing the SoCs with the processing power of the Arm Cortex-M33F, embedded non-volatile memory, as well as the latest Bluetooth standard,” said David Su, CEO of Atmosic.

The ATM33 is powered by Arm Cortex M33F that can operate up to 64MHz and supports Arm TrustZone for robust security. Besides improved energy harvesting efficiency, capacity and range, it has a lower cold start voltage, Lithium-Ion battery support and low-power voice processing. 

Other features include:

  • RAM configuration: 16 KB to 128KB in 16 KB step sizes
  • 6 MHz / Optional 32.768 kHz Crystal Oscillator
  • On-chip RF Energy Harvesting
  • Bluetooth Low-Energy 5.3 compliant
  • Supports photovoltaic, thermal, motion and other energy harvesting technologies
ATM33 block diagram

Furthermore, the Atmosic Sensor Hub supports CPU-less operations, allowing the SoCs to perform functions such as access memory and transmit beacons even while in deep sleep. Applications include:

  • Industrial and enterprise: Industrial IoT Sensors and remote monitors
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer: Home automation and human interface devices (HIDs)

The ATM33 series is available in three packages: a 5×5 40-pin QFN, a 7×7 56-pin QFN, and a wafer level chip scale packaging (WLCSP) for ultra-compact applications. Sampling will be available in Q1 2022.


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