Thursday, April 25, 2024

High-Performance CMOS Image Sensor for Machine Vision Applications

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The image sensor has an ability to capture high-speed videos, reduces image distortion and can operate in a variety of lighting conditions

ON Semiconductor has introduced a high-performance AR0234CS 2.3 Mp CMOS image sensor with global shutter technology, which has been designed for a variety of applications including machine vision cameras, AR/VR/MR headsets, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and barcode readers.

The AR0234CS captures 1080p video and single frames, operating up to 120 frames per second (fps). With a great shutter efficiency, the 2.3 Mp sensor produces crisp and clear images by minimising frame-to-frame distortion in high-speed scenes and reducing the motion artefacts other image sensors experience.

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The AR0234CS sensor’s innovative pixel architecture delivers high dynamic range needed for supporting a variety of lighting conditions – from the darkness of night to bright sunlight. Its low noise and improved low-light response make it suitable for applications spanning across consumer, commercial & industrial IoT, and the extended operating temperature range makes it deployable in challenging outdoor conditions.

Other advanced features

These include:

  • Programmable regions of interest with on-chip histogram
  • Auto exposure control and 5 x 5 statistics engine
  • Fully integrated strobe illumination control
  • Flexible row and column skip mode, along with horizontal and vertical mirroring, windowing and pixel binning.

“The need for quality image sensing is increasing, as more manufacturers are automating with vision-based expert systems,” said Gianluca Colli, vice president and general manager, Industrial and Consumer Sensor Division (ICSD) Group at ON Semiconductor. “That demand requires optimizing size, performance and power of the image sensor. ON Semiconductor is one of the first manufacturers to recognize and respond to this need with the AR0234CS.”

Together with the AP1302 Image Signal Processor (ISP), the AR0234CS delivers a comprehensive camera system that can be designed and developed quickly for fast time-to-market. Additionally, system designers can access the DevSuite software to evaluate features and capabilities, configure and tune the sensor, and provide a ready-made output that is usable for further image processing.

The AR0234CS is offered in colour and mono variants, with 0 degrees or 28 degrees CRA. Samples and development hardware are available now through local ON Semiconductor sales support representatives and authorized distributors.


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