Sunday, April 21, 2024

Industrial Motor Commutation with Precise Inductive Position Sensing

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  • Renesas’ latest motor control sensor IC features high accuracy and high speed, total stray field immunity and compact size for efficient motor integration
  • Optimal for medical and robotics applications as well

Renesas Electronics has introduced the IPS2200, a magnet-free, inductive position sensor thus joining the company’s robust portfolio of devices for industrial motor commutation, which includes microcontrollers, power management, and drivers. The sensor features high accuracy and speed, total stray field immunity, and efficient motor integration in a thin and lightweight form factor, making it ideal for use as an absolute position sensor in a wide range of industrial, medical, and robot applications. The sensor also allows users to customise the sensor design for better cost-effectiveness and achieve maximum performance in their applications.

The IPS2200 is designed around the motor, allowing users to match the number of sectors to pole pairs of the motor for high accuracy, accommodating both off-axis (through shaft and side shaft) and on-axis positioning. The magnet-free IPS2200 is up to 10x thinner and up to 100x lighter with up to 250 krpm electrical speeds. This feature along with the total stray field immunity enables easier motor integration and reduces the bill of materials costs. With its four- or six-wire operation, the IPS2200 provides up to 10x faster speeds and very low latency.

Other essential features

  • Industrial qualified, with stable operation in harsh environments and -40 degrees Celsius to +125 degrees Celsius ambient temperatures
  • Interface: Sin/cos single-ended or differential
  • Voltage Supply: 3.3V ±10% or 5.0V ±10%
  • Rotational Speed: Up to 250.000 rpm (electrical)
  • Propagation delay: Programmable, <10µs
  • Sin/cos gain mismatch and offset compensation
  • Overvoltage, reverse polarity, short-circuit protected
  • Digital programming interface: I²C or SPI

“Inductive position sensing is changing the game for industrial motor commutation as demands for high accuracy, high efficiency, and cost efficiency increase, particularly for multi-pole pair motors and off-axis applications,” said Christian Wolf, Vice President, Automotive Sensor Business Division at Renesas. “With the IPS2200, we are excited to offer a solution that takes customers from concept to PCB layout, enabling them to design their resolver replacement and achieve lighter, better-performing motors for their industrial, robotic, consumer and medical applications. Renesas will also explore the inductive sensors for use in automotive applications.”

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The IPS2200 and the IPS2200STKIT evaluation kit are available now.


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