Monday, May 20, 2024

RF Power Measuring Instrument For Wide Semiconductor Applications

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  • The device combines the performance and flexibility of a traditional benchtop instrument, modern USB RF power sensors and multi-touch display
  • Beneficial for test engineers involved in military, aerospace, medical and communications fields

Boonton Electronics, a provider of enhanced test instrumentation and sensors, has announced the launch of the new PMX40 RF power metre, a high-performing RF power measurement instrument. By combining the utility of a traditional benchtop instrument, the flexibility and performance of modern USB RF power sensors and the simplicity of a multi-touch display, it delivers a high utility value to design and test engineers and technicians. The PMX40 streamlines RF testing and is optimal for broad use in the semiconductor, military, aerospace, medical and communications industries.

The PMX40 and associated sensors cover a frequency range from 4 kHz to 40 GHz and provide exceptional performance in areas including wide video bandwidth of 195 MHz, quick rise time at 3 ns, fast measurement rate at 100,000 measurements per second and fine 100-ps time resolution. Sensors can be easily connected to the PMX40’s front or rear panels through standard USB ports for independent use or synchronized multi-channel measurements of continuous wave (CW), modulated and pulsed signals.

The instrument’s intuitive, multi-touch display enables quick access and configuration of up to four sensors as well as all measurement and analysis tools, providing a standalone solution for capturing, displaying and analyzing peak and average RF power in both the time and statistical domains. Additional PMX40 features include a variety of trigger capabilities and communication interfaces to enable a wide range of measurements that address the most challenging test requirements, as well as a front panel test source for fast verification of sensor operation.

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Largely adaptable to suit both old and new users

The PMX40 offers new customers ultimate flexibility due to the range of Boonton RF power sensors and added convenience for existing Boonton USB sensor users. The new instrument works with existing Boonton USB sensors covering 4 kHz to 40 GHz. Existing Boonton customers can utilize their USB sensors with the PMX40 without adaptors or speciality cables to create an instant benchtop experience, including access through LAN connectivity. Conversely, purchasers of the PMX40 and sensors can repurpose the sensors as standalone instruments when connected to a PC. Control is available through fully-featured downloadable Boonton Power Analyzer or Boonton Power View software packages, or directly through robust APIs. Power Analyzer provides control, measurement configuration, and advanced analysis. It includes USB drivers, remote control API, firmware updater and a simulation mode available to preview functionality when a sensor is not available. Power Viewer offers a simplified user interface for making average power measurements within seconds.

The Boonton PMX40 utilizes Boonton RTP and CPS families of USB RF power sensors with industry-leading performance and capabilities. All RTP sensors incorporate the unique Boonton Real-Time Power Processing technology, which virtually eliminates gaps in measurement suffered by other power sensors and enables industry-best measurement speeds.

“The PMX40 is the result of customer-driven continuous innovation and delivers an ideal solution, combining the superior performance and flexibility of our USB power sensors seamlessly integrated with benchtop capability and touch screen simplicity. Ensuring straightforward and easy access to this powerful measurement tool, power sensors connect through standard USB ports for quick plug and play, requiring no proprietary cables,” says Walt Strickler, General Manager of Boonton.


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