Sunday, July 21, 2024

New High-Resolution Audio Amplifier For Automotive Applications

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Ensures hi-fi quality sound under any load conditions, delivering extraordinary audio performance through a small form-factor

Designed for compact, cost-effective automotive applications, the high-resolution audio amplifier HFDA801A is a 2MHz switching pulse-width modulation (PWM) Class-D amplifier with a quad-bridge configuration.

An integrated high-performance digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) ensures hi-fi quality sound under any load condition, with noiseless turn-on/turn-off and without creating any output artefacts. A signal-to-noise ratio of 121dB, 120dB dynamic range and 10μV output noise allows the HFDA801A to deliver an extraordinary level of audio performance from a small form-factor component.

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The feedback configuration with an integrated L-C low-pass filter provides an ultra-wide flat frequency response up to 80kHz and minimises dependence on external components. A wide bandwidth allows high-definition (HD) use in audio applications such as excellent linearity and low distortion that are independent of the inductor and capacitor quality.

The HFDA801A draws its supply from the vehicle battery without needing additional power converters. The amplifier benefits from a wide range of load capabilities, ensuring stable performance even while driving high power on low-impedance loads of 2Ω on all four channels.

Also, by integrating in-play diagnostics as well as a digital impedance meter and real-time load-current monitor, the HFDA801A can be used in safety-related audio applications that demonstrate ASIL compliance, such as Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems (AVAS).

The HFDA801A is sampling now and will be in production in the second half of 2021 from STMicroelectronics.


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