Monday, July 22, 2024

New Pin Electronics Semiconductor Chip For Automated Test Equipment

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  • It is equipped with high speed and enables low power consumption and solution size
  • Suitable for increased demand in AI, ML and IoT applications

With the rapidly evolving technology, a need to provide faster, higher density and lower power automatic test equipment (ATE) semiconductors have resulted in an increased demand for next-generation chips in artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, automotive, IoT, healthcare and other areas.

To provide customers with pin electronic (PE) solutions with respect to speed, power and density, ElevATE, a provider of automated test equipment (ATE) semiconductors, has launched a new pin electronics chip, Mt. Mystery that makes efficient use of space and at the same time delivers a fine balance between speed and power using modern sub-micron technology.  The product applications include smartphones, data centre blade or ATE test.


  • 50 per cent speed increase permits the test of the most modern processor, SOC, FPGA, and memory technologies.
  • 67 per cent reduced power permits tripling the number of pins/devices under test without increasing the power budget.
  • 75 per cent reduction in size permits the quadrupling the number pins under test without expanding the overall PCB size versus a current architecture.

This triple benefit also creates an added advantage – lower solution cost.

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Mt. Mystery is now available and is a SOC Octal 500Mz integrated pin electronics solution that incorporates every analogue function, along with digital support circuitry required to create 8 independent pin channels for automated test equipment.


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