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NCN26010 an Ethernet Transceiver for Industrial Automation

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Onsemi NCN26010 is designed for Industrial Multi-drop Ethernet. Onsemi NCN26010 is an IEEE 802.3cg compliant Ethernet Transceiver with MAC (Media Access Control) feature. NCN26010 consists of a physical layer that functions to send and receive data over unshielded twisted pair. It communicates with a 10Mb/s data rate speed with a power consumption of 55mW to 150mW. The typical clock frequency of NCN26010 is 25MHz with an operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. The semi NCN26010 Ethernet Transceiver communicates to host MCUs through Open Alliance MAC PHY SPI protocol.

Onsemi NCN26010 (Credit: Onsemi)

According to the company, NCN26010 supports IEEE 802.3cg CSMA/CD collision detection. It provides collision-free operation on a shared medium through the local configuration of Physical Layer Collision Avoidance (PLCA). Its communication at noise levels exceeds IEEE 802.3cg specifications for Enhanced Noise Immunity mode. It operates in noisy conditions due to masking detected collisions. It avoids false collisions and when it is used in synchronous with ENI (Enhanced Noise Immunity) it has unparalleled noise tolerance. It consists of 5.5pF differential input capacitance with a higher number of nodes per segment. NCN26010 supports up to 40 nodes on a 25-meter segment, this reduces cabling, connector, and installation costs.

Ethernet frames are not processed by the host which is not intended for certain nodes and this helps in the filtering of frames based on destination address thus reducing load. The two LEDs can be used as status indicators. Hence as per the above features, the NCN26010 can be used in Home/Building Control, Industrial Automation, Sensor and controlling interfaces, or Security and Field Instrumentation. The end products that we can obtain using NCN26010 Ethernet Transceiver are Control Panels, Human/Machine Interfaces, Motor starters, Distributed Control Systems, and Autonomous Mobile Robots.

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