Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Oscilloscope With The World’s Fastest Real-Time Update Rate

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R&S MXO 4 series takes us one step closer to the future of T&M instruments with its bigger memory, faster sampling and lower measurement noise than any other oscilloscope in its class.

Rohde & Schwarz has launched a new series of oscilloscopes that is said to bring new advancements to the table. The R&S MXO 4 series oscilloscopes feature the world’s fastest real-time update rate, moreover, it employs a 12-bit ADC which offers 16 times the resolution of traditional 8-bit oscilloscopes. These features not only increase the number of samples but offers better memory, faster sampling and lower measurement noise. This means that an engineer will be able to quickly see and isolate infrequent events, get a better understanding of physical layer signals and test faster. The oscilloscope also enables engineers to view and analyse more RF signals than any other oscilloscope in its class.

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The R&S MXO 4 oscilloscopes come in four-channel models with bandwidths of 200 MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz, 1 GHz, and 1.5 GHz. The oscilloscope offers the world’s fastest real-time update rate of over 4.5 million acquisitions per second and offers over 100 times the standard memory of any comparable T&M instruments as it offers a standard acquisition memory of 400 Mpts on all four channels. The higher accuracy and resolution provided by the oscilloscope enables engineers to see more signal detail and infrequent events than with any other oscilloscope available at a similar price range.

The T&M instrument features a unique 200 Gbps processing ASIC that enables it to achieve an impressive update rate of 4.5 M acquisitions per second. The series incorporates a 12-bit ADC that operates across all the instrument sample rates with an 18-bit vertical resolution architecture for greater resolution precision than any other oscilloscope. The testing instrument also enables user to test in both the time and frequency domains. In addition to time domain measurements, R&S MXO 4 series oscilloscopes have superior RF spectrum measurement capabilities. This is the first oscilloscopes to perform 45 000 FFTs (Fast Fourier Transforms) per second, while comparable oscilloscopes deliver fewer than 10 FFTs per second.

Dr. Andreas Werner, Vice President Oscilloscopes at Rohde & Schwarz, explains: “The new hardware and software technology blocks and architecture allowed our development team to achieve a once-in-a-decade engineering breakthrough. Our customers will experience a whole new level of performance, and all at a price more affordable than has ever been seen on the market.”


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