Saturday, May 18, 2024

RBX-I2000 For Controlling Autonomous Robot

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Aaeon launched its first autonomous robot controller with integrated hardware time synchronization and support for an external nine-axis IMU (inertial measurement unit). The controller has the choice to use processors of 11th Generation Intel Core i7, i5, i3, or Celeron and provides synchronized outputs offering 1Hz and speeds of 9,600 and 115,200 bit/s. It consists of power which is necessary for hardware-based time synchronization.

(Credit: Aaeon)

Aimed at outdoor autonomous mobile robots and called RBX-I2000, “the largest improvements offered are its speed and positional accuracy,” according to the company. “By moving away from solely software-based time synchronization, latency is reduced from the standard 100 – 200μs to approximately 20ns.”

The most important features of RBX-I2000 are its speed and positional accuracy. It can be used for applications such as smart agriculture and mining applications due to its exceptional features. It facilitates multiple sensor synchronization. It has four ports for Ethernet, 2 channels of CAN, 8-bit digital IO, a Fakra Z antenna port for the optional M2 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth card, and Fakra C for the GNSS antenna.

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“The combination of T-Box time synchronization and built-in Xsens MTi-670 9-axis IMU support allows the use of Movella Xsens RTK to produce centimetre-level positional data,” said Aaeon.


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