Sunday, July 21, 2024

Reduced Complexity For Remotely Connecting I2C and SPI Sensors

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  • Maxim Integrated’s low cost solution is beneficial for designers to reduce complexity while connecting remote devices
  • The solution allows extended connection while significantly eliminating the number of wires

Most designers nowadays use serial interfaces to connect remote sensors in industrial and remote monitoring applications. However, the most recommended protocols are costly and complex because they require up to five external switch extenders to reach devices at distances as long as 100 metres. Also, some of the widely deployed interfaces require up to six cables for connecting multiple extended sensors to a host microcontroller. 

By using Maxim Integrated’s newly launched DS28E18 1-Wire-to-I2C/SPI Bridge, designers can reduce complexity by connecting devices using only two wires instead of four wires for I2C or six for SPI.

The DS28E18 enables both power and communications on a single wire, using Maxim Integrated’s 1-Wire protocol to link with I2C or SPI peripheral devices over 100 metres with only two wires. This helps in eliminating up to five extenders and switch ICs, significantly reducing connection costs and software complexity. Additionally, only one programmable I/O port from the host microcontroller is necessary to operate a network with 10 to 20 nodes.

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Key Advantages

  • High Integration: Extended connections up to 100 metres and eliminates up to five extenders and switch ICs along with external power supply requirement.
  • Low Cost: Enables autonomous operation with just two connecting wires, eliminating up to four wires for autonomous operation.
  • Reduces Complexity: Converts 1-Wire protocol to I2C and SPI master interfaces to reduce both physical design and software complexity of the host microcontroller 

“As sensors become more prevalent in a number of applications, so does the need to extend connectivity over longer distances,” said Scott Jones, managing director, Embedded Security at Maxim Integrated. “To cost-effectively extend the operating distance for serial interface devices invokes a great deal of complexity, but using 1-Wire protocol greatly simplifies these networks with simpler software and fewer cables and ICs.” 

The DS28E18 and the DS28E18EVKIT# can be obtained from Maxim Integrated’s website and also from authorized distributors.


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