Saturday, June 15, 2024

R&S Launches Industry’s Lightest and Quietest High-Performance Oscilloscopes

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To achieve better signal integrity in real-time, Rohde & Schwarz have introduced new models of oscilloscopes to its range of R&S RTP high-performance oscilloscope. The new oscilloscopes sport a larger full HD touchscreen display along with an enhanced user interface. Different bandwidth models are available with a sample rate of up to 40 Gsample/s.

The company says that all the models support bandwidth upgrades right up to 16 GHz. The model uses the company’s self-developed acquisition and processing ASIC which enables a high acquisition rate of up to 750,000 waveforms/s, thus allowing users easily analyse circuit boards to spot and isolate defects.

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The new generation of R&S RTP high-performance oscilloscopes combines high-class signal integrity measurements with the fastest possible acquisition for real-time analysis. The upgraded T&M instruments feature a 13.3” full HD touchscreen and a fully redesigned front panel.

Dr. Andreas Werner, Vice President of Oscilloscopes at Rohde & Schwarz, says: “Improving overall usability so that test engineers could focus on the design problems at hand and not on operating the test equipment was paramount to our R&D engineers when we decided to update the R&S RTP. Our oscilloscope offers the outstanding performance and flexibility our customers expect, combined with a very small footprint. It has been ideal for signal integrity analysis in real-time since its original launch – and it just got better.”

The company claims it has increased the standard acquisition memory to 100 Mpoints per channel, furthermore, the standard memory acquisition can be upgraded up to 3 Gpoints. The R&S RTP-K39 also features a user-defined math option. It also allows users to perform complex calculations by calling a Python script and displaying the results as a math signal on the oscilloscope. The R&S RTP is one of the lightest high-performance oscilloscopes currently available in the market. The fan employs a silent fan making it one of the quietest oscilloscopes on the market.


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