Monday, June 17, 2024

Rugged Motor For Washdown Applications

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Hudson brushless servo motor from Teknic is specifically designed for washdown applications. The motors are designed to withstand high-pressure sprays and a short duration of submersion under water. The motor comes with a rating of IP66K and IP67 making it suitable for operations in harsh environments. The motors are drive friendly and have a non-proprietary, open-standard communication design which makes integrating it into any system quite convenient. The Hudson brushless motors feature harmonically-pure windings, helically-skewed stator laminations, and custom-balanced EPM rotors making these motors smooth and quiet. The Hudson servo motors are UL, ULc and CE rated for use at 24VDC through 340 VDC.  The motors are suitable for washdown applications and can be used in operations which include medical, AOI, and CNC equipment.

Washdown is the process of using high-pressure liquid to clean or wash the surface for appearance, sanitation or removal of any contamination. The liquid used is mostly water mixed with detergents or any other chemicals depending on the surface and type of contamination. Therefore, the motor should to be used for washdown applications should be capable of withstanding harsh chemicals. Furthermore, these motors should be water resistant as they are submerged for short durations. To improve the reliability and ruggedness of the Hudson brushless motor the design employs oversized and permanently lubricated brand-name bearings, Class H high-temperature winding (180ºC), fault-tolerant encoder design, fully sintered rare-earth magnets, and extensive testing of every servo motor.

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According to the company, the motor is drive friendly, i.e. these motors use a non-proprietary, open-standard communication design that allows driving the servo motors simple. Furthermore, the motor provides high performance, fast electrical time constants and high torque-to-inertia ratios which improves the accuracy and response time and dynamic performance. The servo motors are UL, ULc and CE rated for use at 24VDC through 340 VDC. Plus all motors are RoHS, REACH, and Conflict Mineral compliant.


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