Saturday, June 22, 2024

Secure Development Workflow For PIC And AVR Microcontrollers

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New platform combines configuration and collaboration tools with knowledge-based search to modernise the embedded development workflow

Thanks to the new MPLAB cloud tools ecosystem for PIC and AVR devices from Microchip Technology Inc., microcontroller (MCU) design is now easier than ever. The all-in-one cloud platform combines easy, integrated search and discovery of example code, graphical configuration of projects and code debugging in a collaborative environment, enabling enterprise-scale rapid development while simplifying software design for users at all skill levels with an intuitive browser-based interface and cloud connectivity.

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The MPLAB cloud tools ecosystem incorporates three components designed to modernise the development workflow for PIC and AVR microcontrollers: MPLAB Discover, MPLAB Xpress Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and MBLAB Code Configurator. Fully configured and complete source code, projects, examples and software applications can be found in the MPLAB Discover, selected code and projects in the MPLAB Xpress Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for further development, and point-and-click options to set up hardware peripherals and further configure projects in MPLAB Code Configurator.

Device setup is simplified with optimised peripheral libraries, modular downloads and updates. Developing, debugging and deploying project applications directly from any web browser can be completed without any software installation.

The enhanced MPLAB Xpress IDE delivers a powerful, scalable cloud infrastructure for development and debug along with GitHub repository interface controls. Designers can download MPLAB Xpress projects to continue development in MPLAB X IDE. Seamless, quick access to MPLAB Discover and MPLAB Code Configurator is provided from the Xpress toolbar. The MPLAB cloud tools ecosystem, which has been designed as a front end to access these cloud tools based on the development flow the client is in, also has a quick start guide and overview of tools.

Online security is provided through tight integration with secure public and private GitHub repositories for saving and sharing source code, as well as through seamless import and export of online projects to local storage and secure myMicrochip login enabled for online sessions.

“To improve the development experience and help designers speed time to market, this new platform provides everything designers need to go from innovative idea to production,” said Rodger Richey, senior director of Microchip’s Development Tools business unit. “Unlike tools that require multiple software applications and complex installations, IDEs and services, this ecosystem has no installation requirement and was purposely developed as an intuitive, easy-to-use working environment.”

Microchip’s Curiosity and Curiosity nano boards are available to evaluate and program its 8-bit PIC and AVR MCUs and are supported by the MPLAB cloud tools ecosystem. The platform includes an integrated programmer/debugger and requires no additional hardware to get started.

The MPLAB cloud tools ecosystem is available for free on Microchip’s website. Also, PICkit4 development tool, MPLAB SNAP debugger, and Curiosity and Curiosity Nano boards are available available.


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