Friday, June 14, 2024

Sense Depth in Complete Darkness Using this ToF Based Camera

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DepthVista is a newly released camera from the e-con Systems, that measures the 3D depth using the time of flight technique. The camera combines Onsemi AR0234 colour global shutter for object identification along with a ToF depth sensor for depth measurement. The module boasts a frame rate of 30 fps along with the ability to capture images in low light or even in total darkness.

The company says that the DepthVista has a resolution of 640×480 with the ability to capture at a frame rate of 30 fps. Furthermore, the ability to process details even in an ultralow or no light environment make it suitable for mobile robots and guided vehicles to perceive their environment and navigate safely. Additionally, it is capable of performing the depth calculation onboard, thus reducing the computational load on the application side.

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“Depth sensing is an important attribute for the next generation devices to see and understand the world in a 3-dimensional perspective. Having depth data in addition to regular 2-dimensional RGB image throws up lot of opportunities in not only new age applications of robotic arms, autonomous mobile robots etc but also in traditional applications of patient/people monitoring or biometric authentication, where the additional depth attribute solves the hitherto unresolved problems and throws up lot of exciting new disruptive use cases. Having launched our first depth sensing camera in 2012, e-con has been committed with 3d cameras and DepthVista is our first iTOF( indirect Time-of-Flight) depth camera that offers 3d depth information, IR image and corresponding RGB image, all in a single compact form-factor. DepthVista will be the right camera for all applications requiring 3d sensing and our customers can benefit from our customization capabilities to customize the Depth/IR/RGB imaging from a single device based on their application requirements.” said Ashok babu, President at e-con Systems.

Key features of DepthVista:

  • Allow for object recognition as well as depth measurement in a single frame.
  • Suitable for systems that operate in low light or even total darkness
  • Depth calculation within the camera
  • Far mode and close-range mode: Offers a maximum and minimum range of 6 meters and 0.2 meters respectively.

The DepthVision camera is suitable for applications such as the autonomous mobile robots, pick and place robotic arms, autonomous vehicles, face recognition, patient monitoring system, etc.


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