Friday, April 19, 2024

Silicon Carbide-Based Power Module Shorten Charge Time Of xEVs

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The AMP32 series modules enable faster charging and increased range for all types of electrical vehicles.

Onsemi has introduced a trio of silicon carbide (SiC) based power modules in transfer molded technology that are intended for use in on-board charging and high voltage (HV) DCDC conversion within all types of electric vehicles (xEV). The APM32 series is the first-of-its-kind that adopts SiC technology into a transfer molded package to enhance efficiency and shorten charge time of xEVs and is specifically designed for high-power 11-22kW on-board chargers (OBC).

Each of the three modules exhibits low conduction and switching losses, combining with best-in-class thermal resistance and high voltage isolation to deal with 800V bus voltage. The enhanced efficiency and lower heat generation ultimately allow for a more powerful OBC. One that can charge the xEV faster and increase its operating range – two critical factors for consumers.

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The APM32 modules offer high levels of reliability, and each module is serialized for full traceability. The modules can operate with junction temperatures (Tj) as high as 175°C which ensures reliability even in challenging, space-constrained automotive applications.

Two modules of the APM32 series, NVXK2TR40WXT and NVXK2TR80WDT, are configured in H-bridge topology with a breakdown (V(BR)DSS) capability of 1200 V, ensuring suitability for high voltage battery stacks. The third module, NVXK2KR80WDT, is configured in Vienna Rectifier topology and used in the power factor correction (PFC) stage of the OBC.

All three modules are housed in a compact and robust Dual Inline Package (DIP), which ensures low module resistance. The top cool and isolated features meet the most stringent automotive industry standards.

  • DIP Silicon Carbide Dual H-Bridge power module for on-board charger (OBC) for xEV applications
  • Compact design
  • Module serialization for full traceability
  • Lead free, ROHS and UL94V-0 compliant
  • Automotive qualified per AEC-Q101 and AQG324
  • Onboard Charger and HV DC DC in EV−PHEV


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