Tuesday, May 28, 2024

SIMO PMIC Cuts Solution Size and Boosts Battery Life of Compact Consumer Devices

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  • Reduces solution size by decreasing the BOM by up to 40 per cent
  • Delivers 91 per cent efficiency compared to traditional power management

The MAX77654 by Maxim Integrated is a single conductor, multiple-output (SIMO) power management IC (PMIC) that empowers designers of wearables, hearables and other compact consumer devices to further reduce their solution size by half. This next-gen SIMO PMIC can support three outputs with just one inductor at 91 per cent efficiency, which is 16 per cent greater than traditional 4-chip systems. With significantly reduced solution size, system designers can include more functionalities into their applications.

“Maxim Integrated’s breakthrough scalable SIMO PMIC, MAX77654, offers the smallest form factor solution with the highest system efficiency,” said Karthi Gopalan, director, Mobile Solutions Business Unit at Maxim Integrated. “The MAX77654 SIMO PMIC frees up board real estate to pack value-add modules such as voice commands, payment, GPS receivers, biometrics, gesture control, 3-D recognition and camera.”

Efficient power, heat and noise management

With a compact form factor, designers must also consider extending the battery life along with reduced heat dissipation and noise. Therefore, the MAX77654 SIMO PMIC addresses this challenge by replacing 3 buck-boost converters and 3 inductors with a single converter and a single inductor. It also replaces 2 LDOs/load-switches, a battery charger and additional passives, resulting in a 50 per cent smaller solution and en extended battery life by 20 per cent. A shutdown current of less than 500nA and a low supply current of 6µA with 5 regulators also allows designers to add more functions to their ultra-low-power consumer devices.

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The MAX77654 gives lower heat dissipation and reduces system board temperature by more than 20 degrees Celsius as compared to an alternative single inductor system power solution. Additionally, the SIMO PMIC provides output voltage ripple performance of less than 20mVp-p for noise-sensitive rails.

“Size and power constraints are defining next-generation IoT consumer system designs, and engineers are finding it harder to cram all the high-performance demands and capabilities into these tiny form factors,” said Kevin Anderson, senior analyst for Power Semiconductors at Omdia. “Maxim Integrated’s ingenious SIMO PMIC design offers designers flexibility to add new capabilities while also reducing the size and improving battery life.”


The SIMO PMIC integrated solutions require up to 40 per cent fewer components and 23 per cent lower BOM cost compared to discrete solutions. The MAX77654 and the MAX77654EVKIT# are now available from Maxim Integrated’s authorized distributors.


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