Sunday, July 14, 2024

Small Multi-Frequency / Multi-System RTK Module

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Supports numerous satellite positioning and has 35 satellite receiving channels with ultra-low power consumption

The deviation of current general GPS positioning could be several metres around. If the GPS module performance is not good enough, that deviation could be even hundreds of metres away.

Moreover, in the past, because RTK was limited by high cost and cannot be popularised, and the high-precision demand of “Centimetre-Level” rises in 5G and AIoT industry

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Providing robust Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) services for wireless communication, embedded systems, avionics, and automotive and consumers electronics is the RTK-1010 module by LOCOSYS Technology that can concurrently support all satellite positioning systems, including United States’ GPS L1/ C/A, L5C, Europe’s Galileo E1, E5a, Russian GLONASS L1, Chinese BeiDou B1I/B2a and Indian IRNSS L5.

In addition to the combination features of multi-frequency / multi-system signals, RTK-1010 has 135 satellite receiving channels and 65 mA ultra-low power consumption. It can also be used as a base station or rover station.

When being as the base station, it can broadcast the original RTCM 3.X revised coordinate data. The positioning time can be acquired by less than 10 seconds.

When being as the rover station in static or high dynamic modes, it can set up a 1 to 10Hz high update rate, its position accuracy is 1cm and its heading accuracy can be less than 0.2 degrees.

The RTK high-precision positioning is more appropriate to the following applications, e.g., unmanned mobile vehicle, bridge/dam/hillside/building structure monitor, drone aerial photography/logistics/artistic performance, handheld/wearable devices, precision agriculture, shared movement/tracking management, V2V/V2X and so on.

LOCOSYS Senior Vice President, Nick Chen, said the global satellite positioning has already been broadly used in our daily lives. Except for special applications such as aviation, military, and geographic surveying and mapping.

LOCOSYS has marketed globally for decades and anticipates high-precision positioning requests for quick expansion to all kinds of civilian markets.

The “High Quality with High Cost-Performance Ratio” module is a customers’ best solution.


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