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STEVAL-L3751V12 Offers Controlled And Safe Operation For Critical Environments

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STEVAL-L3751V12 by STMicroelectronics is a 75V 15A DC-DC buck voltage converter with embedded protection features for user safety.

STEVAL-L3751V12 Evaluation Board from STMicroelectronics.              Credit STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics has launched STEVAL-L3751V12 Evaluation Board that offers 6 to 75 V wide input voltage range. The device features an extreme voltage conversion ratio over switching frequency. The board delivers a regulated 5 V output at 230 kHz switching frequency which can easily be changed to 12V using a jumper connector. Different voltages can be selected by changing a resistor to a lower input voltage(VIN) range.

The STEVAL-L3751V12 is a 100W demo board with default maximum current of 15A, which can be changed by changing the resistor. The evaluation board is based on the L3751 synchronous buck controller, which implements the voltage mode in a Very-Thin Quad Flat No-Lead(VQFN) package with internal compensation to minimize the design complexity and size.

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The embedded protection in the device provides completely controlled and safe operations. The Diode Emulation(DEM) enables the pulse-skipping mode and maximizes the efficiency at light-load with a controlled output voltage ripple. The forced PWM (FPWM) over-the-load range makes the switching frequency constant and minimizes the output voltage ripple.

Other safety features include the output overcurrent, the input voltage Under-Voltage Lock-Out(UVLO), the internal voltage monitoring, and the thermal shutdown at 150°C degrees. The device can be modified using the eDesign Suite software tool to meet application requirements.

  • 230 kHz switching frequency setting
  • Low drop-out operation during line transient
  • Pulse skipping or forced PWM operation at light load
  • Synchronization from 185 to 345 kHz
  • Power good open collector output validates the VOUT
  • 7.5 V gate drivers for standard VTH MOSFETs
  • Constant current protection with hiccup mode
  • Improved line-transient response
  • Input voltage Under-Voltage Lock-Out
  • Internal voltage monitoring
  • Thermal protection
  • Operating junction temperature range: -40 to 150°C


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