Tuesday, June 18, 2024

VERA-P3 By U-Blox Strengthens Traffic Safety Using V2X Technology

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  • Enables V2X for increased safety and efficiency of road vehicles
  • Also has potential for wide scale adoption in smart cities

u-blox has announced its latest contribution to vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology: the VERA-P3 V2X module. Based on the u-blox UBX-P3 V2X chip, VERA-P3 quickens automotive OEMs, Tier-1s and manufacturers of traffic management infrastructure to integrate V2X technology into their platforms and solutions and deploying it commercially.

VERA-P3 communicates via the IEEE 802.11p wireless standard to connect vehicles and with roadside infrastructure. V2X assists drivers in potentially dangerous situations, slow traffic and complex intersections.

Smart implementation

Smart cities can also benefit from vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) applications to manage traffic, from providing greenlight speed advisory, roadwork warnings and hazardous location warnings. u-blox’s expertise in GNSS technology is also a key asset as satellite-based positioning is becoming more and more crucial in V2X.

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Qualified for operation from -40 degrees Celsius to +105 degrees Celsius, the automotive-grade product complies with WAVE and ETSI ITS G5 for operation in different territories.

VERA-P3 will play a crucial role in enabling truck connectivity by 2025. VERA-P3 is ideal for other applications such as agriculture and mining, where heavy machines need to communicate with each other to synchronize their activities.

“The module reduces the overall complexity of integrating the technology, speeding up time to market, reducing costs and capital investment and future-proofing end products,” says Chafik Driouichi, Senior Product Strategy Manager, Short Range Product Center at u-blox.

Customers will be able to get their hands on samples and evaluation kits starting from July 2020.


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