Saturday, June 15, 2024

World’s First Data Centre Class RISC-V CPU 

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  • The Veyron V1 is the highest-performance RISC-V processor running at 3.6GHz in 5nm architecture.
  • Veyron V1 is a RISC-V processor suitable for Data Center, Automotive, 5G, and AI applications.
Veyron V1 (Source: Ventana)

Ventana’s Veyron V1 is a high-performance RISC-V processor for the datacentre. The Veyron V1 is the highest-performance RISC-V processor running at 3.6GHz in 5nm. It is also the first RISC-V processor to provide single-thread performance that is competitive with the latest incumbent processors for Data Center, Automotive, 5G, AI, and Client applications.

The Veyron V1’s efficient microarchitecture also enables the highest single-socket performance which when combined with RISC-V’s open and extensible architecture enables customer innovation and workload optimization resulting in further workload efficiency gains through domain-specific acceleration that will extend Moore’s Law to deal with the emerging energy and thermal constraints for data centres.

“Our vision of delivering the highest performance RISC-V CPUs is helping to reshape next generation high-performance open hardware architectures,” said Balaji Baktha, Founder and CEO of Ventana. “Today, we have a significant first mover advantage by providing a platform that can allow customers to innovate and differentiate. Markets which require high-performance computing such as Data Centers, 5G, AI, Automotive, and Client will all benefit from our open standards-based, ultra-low latency chipset solution that delivers rapid productization with a significant reduction in development time and cost compared to the prevailing IP models. Ventana’s strong roadmap and customer engagement put the company in a prime position for sustained market leadership.”

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Features of Veyron V1:

    • Eight wide, aggressive out-of-order pipeline
    • 5nm process technology
    • 16 cores per cluster
    • High core count multi-cluster scalability up to 128 cores
    • 48MB of shared L3 cache per cluster
    • Advanced side channel attack mitigations
    • Comprehensive RAS features
    • Top-down performance tuning methodology

The company is also providing the Software Development Kit (SDK) which includes an extensive set of software building blocks already proven on Ventana’s RISC-V platform. The Veyron V1 compute chiplet and reference platform can enable customers to faster time to market and also reduction of development costs by up to 75%.


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