Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Power Dense 3W DC/DC converter

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Recom introduces RSH3, a high-power 3W model of DC/DC converter that is suitable for use in battery-operated systems.

RECOM has introduced RSH3, a high-power 3W model of DC/DC converter to its range of isolated RSH series in a surface-mount format with wide input ranges. The DC/DC converter has a nominal input of 12V and 24V with outputs ratings of 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V, +/−12V, and +/−15V. The model is suitable for use in battery-operated systems. The module features various safety features such as short-circuit and overcurrent protection, and by using a simple external filter the converter is able to meet the EN 55032 class A or B limits for input noise.

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The RSH3 series has a wide operation range from -40°C to over 80°C without derating. This makes the module suitable for applications in harsh environments, and in applications such as in industrial, test and measurement, and transportation setups. With certification to UL/IEC/EN 62368-1, the isolation rating is 2kVDC/60s (with an optional 3kVDC/60s). The DC/DC converter comes in a compact DIP14 SMD package, making it easier to place it on a PCB. The parts may be IR-oven or vapour-phase reflow soldered using industry-standard JEDEC profiles.

Matthew Dauterive, the DC/DC Product Manager of RECOM, comments, “The surface mount RSH3 series builds on the success of our 2W version and provides extra power for isolated on-board DC rails in the mains and in the battery-powered equipment. The RSH3 will also find use in ground-loop isolation for industrial sensors and bus communication networks.”

Features of RSH3:
• 3W power in compact SMD package
• Operating temperature from -40°C to +81°C with no derating
• 2kVDC or 3kVDC/1minute isolation voltage
• • IEC/EN/UL62368 3rd Edition certified
• Fully protected- OCP & SCP


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