Saturday, April 13, 2024

Quasi-CMOS Processor Technology With  Power Efficiency And Computing Prowess

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  • Standard cells for 5nm and 3nm technology nodes are currently in the works.
  • The firm anticipates unveiling a 16nm ARM processor prototype in a demonstration scheduled for December.

In a development in the semiconductor industry, the Israeli start-up NeoLogic is unveiling a processor design technology, showcasing an advancement that could redefine the core of chip manufacturing. The Quasi-CMOS technology is setting the stage to alter processor design, providing computing power with reduced power consumption and cost. 

By innovating standard cells for the 16nm technology node, building upon the existing CMOS standard cells library, this venture has manifested cells that are capable of a high fan-in (8 to 16 inputs). This modification results in a staggering 50% decline in power consumption while saving nearly 40% of the area, compared to the most proficient existing CMOS cells.Quasi-CMOS leads to a significant leap in performance, ushering in processors that are parallel to, or more advanced than sub 16nm nodes, yet at a fraction of the development and manufacturing costs. This innovation is expected to catalyse significant savings in the data centre sector, particularly in cooling, electricity, and infrastructure expenditures.

This technology arrives just in time to address the surging demands in data centres, characterised by heightened workloads in artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning, and video streaming. The industry has been seeking an answer to the limitations of the current CMOS technology, which has been the cornerstone of processor fabrication for the last four decades. Selected clients will soon be able to evaluate the processor and technology first-hand. 


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