Friday, March 1, 2024

Simplifying TN-LCD Development With A Software Tool

By Nidhi Agarwal

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A software tool facilitates TN-LCD development with Arm-based microcontrollers (MCUs), streamlining the process, reducing time and cycles, and offering direct LCD configuration code generation.


Nuvoton has launched its latest software offering, NuTool-LCDView, which is designed to streamline the development of TN-LCDs using arm-based microcontrollers (MCUs). This tool offers an intuitive visual emulation of an LCD’s layout and hardware design, facilitating better collaboration between developers and engineers during development.

NuTool-LCDView significantly reduces the time and cycles required for LCD development. It enables designers to rapidly iterate on their designs through software simulation, even without the physical display hardware. This flexibility allows for easier and more efficient translation of the design into its final hardware form.

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The software offers a streamlined and intuitive environment for creating and fine-tuning TN-LCDs. Its graphical interface, characterized by a ‘what you see is what you get’ layout, features user-friendly icons, buttons, and menus. This design simplifies handling intricate designs, allowing developers to modify and interact with their projects effortlessly. The software provides an immediate LCD simulation on a computer, eliminating the need for a physical LCD screen. This feature aids in more straightforward interpretation and communication of results with engineers and product managers. NuTool-LCDView’s drag-and-drop functionality further enhances the ease of use, which minimizes the learning curve and boosts productivity.

Moreover, NuTool-LCDView can directly produce the necessary LCD configuration code for implementation in microcontroller hardware. This capability streamlines the process of simulating, debugging, and completing LCD projects, making it a more efficient and rapid experience for developers.

NuTool-LCDView offers compatibility with a diverse range of microcontroller architectures, accommodating both the ML54/ML56 series featuring the NuMicro 1T 8051 core and the NuMicro M254/M256/M258/M2354 series powered by the Arm Cortex-M23 core.

The software empowers developers to create and validate products without constant reliance on development hardware and physical LCDs. This approach streamlines product development and validation, enabling more flexible iterative testing and improvement.

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