Saturday, July 20, 2024

Smart Wi-Fi Storage Water Heaters

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Smart heating appliances are energy-efficient, hassle-free and safe.

Midea India Private Limited, a home appliance producer, announces the launch of its latest Smart Wi-Fi Storage water heaters.

The key features that make the product smart include remote control, intelligent scheduling and voice control. 

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Users can remotely adjust the temperature, enable heating modes, and receive real-time status, through the SmartHome app. The intelligent scheduling feature allows customised heating schedules that match their daily routines while conserving energy and reducing energy bills. It is fully integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Home enabling control over voice command.

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The mechanical temperature controlled heaters come in cube and cylindrical shapes in various capacities. They have titanium enamel glassline tanks for optimal heating and robustness and Whirlflow/Xpress heating technology for accelerated heating. The products are waterproof and energy efficiency certified.

“ The Smart Wi-Fi Storage Water Heaters are the latest addition to our product range that deliver tailored solutions that aim to meet the real needs of our consumers,” said Allen Zha, general manager of Midea India.

Midea India Private Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Midea Group that produces smart home appliances.


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