Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Sony Boosts Virtual Production With Its Hardware Strength

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Sony Group (6758.T) is intensifying its efforts in the virtual production sector, witnessing significant growth, as highlighted by a company executive. This growth rides on the back of Sony’s advanced technology.

This domain provides virtual production tools for filmmakers and broadcasters, utilizing LED panels to display imagery incorporated into live shots. This method, an upgrade from traditional green screens, yields more genuine reflections from the panel lights and offers actors a more immersive experience.

Sony’s advantage stems from its prowess in hardware production, ranging from camera image sensors to massive LED video walls, coupled with its substantial presence in Hollywood. Yasuharu Nomura, Sony’s virtual production chief, emphasized that their hardware capabilities facilitate this virtual innovation.

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Over the years, Sony has transitioned away from underperforming electronics, emphasizing gaming, movies, and music. However, it continues to produce hardware like film cameras. Additionally, Sony invests in Epic Games, renowned for its Unreal Engine that crafts digital surroundings. Sony’s virtual production sector is growing at approximately 35% yearly, outpacing the general market, with a rising revenue share predicted to originate from services.

Sony also enhances its product line with improved panels, cameras, and service offerings. They’re introducing “volumetric capture,” which films performances from various perspectives for a VR experience.

The spotlight shone on virtual production technology after its application in “The Mandalorian” by Walt Disney, employing the services of the visual effects company, Industrial Light & Magic.

Analyst Kota Ezawa from Citigroup believes the virtual production market is budding, paving the way for Sony’s potential expansion.

Aryaman Raghuvanshi
Aryaman Raghuvanshi
Aryaman Raghuvanshi is a Journalist at EFY. His passion is to explore the future of mobility, which gets him to cover latest technologies shaping the future of automobiles and EVs. But, at times he writes on broader technologies too.


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