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Contest: Crompton Startup India Design Challenge

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About the Challenge

Crompton – Startup India Design Challenge is inviting technologists, inventors, and start-ups from the field of home appliance to develop innovative products . Top 4 startups will be selected for the collaboration and they will be getting an opportunity to build the tailor-made prototype for Crompton. As an additional benefit, the selected companies will get the opportunity to become a technology partner or supplier to Crompton.

Problem statements include innovations in energy efficient motor technology, instant heating or cooling technology, thermal management material or technology, gadgets for personal productivity, products for kitchen appliances and more.


Application Start Date: 24 Jan, 2022
Application End Date: 20 Mar 2022
Application Result Date: 20 May 2022

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1. Selected 4 start-ups will get 3 lakhs each as the cash grant for tailored prototype as per Crompton requirement
2. Total cash grant is 12 lakhs

Participants can register here.




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