ElectronicWings Project Challenge 2021


Mouser has announced EW Project Challenge 2021. This contest presents a major challenge: How can we make tomorrow more sustainable and efficient using technology to solve real-world problems.

Mouser is seeking out solutions focused on solving problems in Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, Environmental Protection, Agriculture, Community Development, Healthcare and Fitness. Engineers are encouraged to pursue their own ideas and design the boldest solution. Choose any hardware, boards, sensors or technology you want.

Winning teams will receive the following. However, every successful project submission will be eligible to receive a certificate of successful participation


Final submissions to be closed on Dec 13, 2021. (Increase your chances and submit multiple projects. Each project will be counted as an individual project entry)

Judges Choice
(Top 5 Projects): INR. 10000/- each

Community Vote Prize
(Top 10 Projects): INR. 5000/- each

Early Bird
(First 50 Projects): Raspberry Pi Zero Boards

Participants can register here.




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