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STM8 Microcontrollers Easier And Faster To Design With New Graphical Configurator

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April 13, 2017 – STMicroelectronics has made starting new designs with its popular 8-bit STM8 microcontrollers easier and faster by introducing the STM8CubeMX graphical configurator.

STM8CubeMX supports the complete portfolio of mainstream, low-power, and automotive 8-bit STM8 microcontrollers. This new, free tool helps designers select the optimum 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) from the STM8 family to satisfy their application requirements. Designers can also jump-start development on STM8 boards from the ST portfolio by pre-configuring the tool in the same way the MCU is implemented on the chosen board. STM8CubeMX then provides graphical tools that help complete basic configuration of the chosen device. These include a pinout configurator with automatic conflict resolution, a clock-tree configurator with dynamic validation, and a power sequencer and consumption estimator. A configuration report generated on completion shows how the designer’s requirements have been met.

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STM8 MCUs serve applications ranging from small IoT devices and smart sensors to performance-focused automotive controllers, as well as a wide number of mass-market electronics products. There are over 125 variants ranging from ultra-low-power (STM8L), AEC-Q100 qualified (STM8AF/AL) MCUs to mainstream STM8S Value, Access, and Performance lines. Presenting solutions with the best price-to-performance choice, helping to meet tight power and size constraints, STM8 microcontrollers combine core performance as high as 20MIPS/24MHz with up to 128KB Flash and 6KB RAM, peripherals including ADCs, DACs, comparators, timers, LCD drivers, DMA, AES Encryption and digital interfaces, market-specific functions such as LIN/CAN in automotive devices, and package choices from 20 to 80 pins.

The STM8CubeMX PC-based application is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms.



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