Monday, July 22, 2024

5th PCB Design Contest

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About the Challenge

Mouser Electronics is hosting the 5th PCBWay PCB Design Contest to be on par with technological advancements. Since the 1st PCB Design Contest, many meaningful projects, such as educational robotics controllers, and solar projects have been put to use.

Participate in the and let’s explore the future together!

Type C PCB
Type-C PCB


Last Date of Submitting Application: 31st December 2022

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First Price: USD$ 1500 + USD$ 200(coupon) + Raspberry Pi 4 Model B-4GB *1

Second Price: USD$ 1000 + USD$ 100(coupon) + Raspberry Pi 4 Model B-2GB *1

Third Price: USD$ 500 + USD$ 50(coupon) + Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3 *1

Popular Design Prize: (10 Winners):  USD$ 100 + USD$ 20(coupon) + USD$10 (3D Printing coupon) + Digital High Precision Multimeter*1

Participation Prize: Raspberry Pi-Pico*1 

For registrations click here .


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