Monday, September 25, 2023

The Next Generation High-Definition Oscilloscope

By Nidhi Agarwal

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With a 12.1-inch touchscreen and 12-bit resolution, the oscilloscope blends multifaceted functionalities, intuitive interfaces, swift operations, and advanced debugging.


Teledyne LeCroy has launched a WaveSurfer 4000HD high-definition oscilloscope with a 12.1-inch touchscreen display. The company claims that the oscilloscopes with HD4096 technology have higher resolution over traditional 8-bit ones and reduced noise for optimal measurements. The 12-bit Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs) support the capture of fast signals and support up to 1 GHz bandwidth. Furthermore, the company says that a 5 GS/s sampling rate guarantees unparalleled accuracy and precision in measurements. The high-performance input amplifiers deliver flawless signal clarity. At the same time, the system’s low-noise design ensures an optimal pathway for accurate transmission of signal nuances to the oscilloscope screen – achieving a precision 16 times nearer to perfection.

Key Features presented in the product offer exceptional utility to users. It consistently provides the highest resolution at 12 bits. Additionally, its multifaceted design integrates the functionalities of various instruments into a singular unit. Comprehensive probe support accommodates over 30 probes across nine distinct categories to further its versatility. Enhancing user experience, the MAUI with OneTouch user interface ensures an intuitive and efficient operation. Its intuitive drag-and-drop feature considerably minimizes the setup time, streamlining user operations. Its design is so user-friendly that most common procedures can be executed with just a single touch, ensuring efficiency and ease of use.

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The main specifications of the high-definition oscilloscope include the following:

  • Bandwidth: 200 MHz – 1 GHz
  • Memory: 25 Mpts
  • Max Memory: 25 Mpts
  • Input Channels: 4
  • Max Sampling Rate: 5 GS/s
  • Resolution: 12-bit

The company claims that the product offers a comprehensive suite of options tailored for power, serial bus, and embedded systems debugging. This suite includes multi-instrument functionalities, ensuring versatility in applications. Additionally, it comes equipped with specialized software for serial trigger and decoding, enhancing the precision of data analysis. Spectrum and power analysis software is integrated to complete the ensemble, further augmenting its capabilities in detailed system evaluations.


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