Saturday, June 22, 2024

NEW!!! Do More. Win More.

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We are excited to launch our “Do More. Win More.” platform which recognises and rewards active members of Plus, it enables all registered members to win reward points which they can encash.

If you are not a registered member, you can register yourself for free–by clicking here. You win 50 points for simply registering. If you’re already registered 50 points must have been added to your account, already.

If you are already registered, you need to LOGIN to benefit from this offer. (TIP: You win points for logging in too. The more you login within a week, the more the reward points you earn.)

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And, then—as you consume more content, or post queries, you win more points. Overall, the more you do, the more you win. To understand how you can WIN points, click here.

For any queries, feel free to post them in our FORUM, and we will reply within 2 working days.


Every month, the Top 10 users will be recognised and rewarded with Gift Vouchers! Plus, you will be able to encash your Reward Points against stuff that will soon be sold at our Online Store!

To know about your points and how you earned them, click on “MY SCORE” on the top menu (it shows your score only if you’re logged in).


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