Sunday, February 25, 2024

India Based Company to Invest $180 Billion in Open Source, AI Based Education Platform

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Over the next three years Reliance is going to invest upto $180 billion on artificial intelligence (AI) based education platform ‘Embibe’, a product of Indiavidual Learning Pvt Ltd, one of Reliance’s major stakeholders. Here each student will receive personalized learning results which uses data analytics on an AI based open source education platform.

The next three years will be invested on extensive research and development in the field of education using AI, leading to growth in business and geographical expansion. This platform will enable students from across the globe as well as in India enhance their professional skills, higher education, local languages and everything related to curriculum categories.

The amazing open source technology platform built by Embibe delivers customized learning outcomes which is highly scalable in nature across all education markets. The revolutionary edtech platform uses open source technology integrated with AI stacks concentrating on student intelligence, behavioural recommendations, content intelligence and automation.


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