Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Enhanced RISC-V Performance With High-End Processor From SiFive

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It is the fastest licensable RISC-V processor bringing the cutting edge RISC-V power into new markets and applications

To enable better RISC-V designs for performance-demanding application processor markets such as data centre, edge computing, automotive, compute, mobile and more will be the SiFive Performance P650 processor. 

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Building upon the efficiency achieved by the SiFive Performance P550 processor, the SiFive Performance P650 processor expands the processor instruction-issue width to deliver a 40% performance increase per clock cycle.

Additional architecture enhancements improve maximum clock frequency, achieving an overall 50% performance gain.

With a projected score of 11+ SPECInt2006/GHz, the SiFive Performance P650 is scalable to sixteen cores using a coherent multicore complex, complete with essential system components such as platform-level memory management and interrupt control units, and supports the new RISC-V hypervisor extension for virtualisation. 

Features include:

P650 Core Architectural Features

  • 64-bit RISC-V core Sv39/Sv48 Virtual Memory Support
  • Four-issue, out-of-order pipeline tuned for scalable performance
  • Private L2 Caches and Streaming Prefetcher for improved memory performance
  • SECDED ECC with Error Reporting

Enabling next-generation applications

  • Hypervisor Extension and System Level Virtualisation IP
  • SiFive WorldGuard System Security
  • Cache stashing to L3 for tightly coupled accelerators

“SiFive’s mission is to answer the semiconductor industry’s call for more processor IP choices,” says Dr Yunsup Lee, co-founder and CTO, SiFive. “SiFive is singularly focused on bringing innovative processor technology based on the RISC-V architecture to market. This announcement is the next step towards our long-term vision of bringing RISC-V processors to all performance-hungry applications.”

“The company’s announced plans for 16-core, coherent processor complexes based on this IP will deliver considerable computing performance and requires the commitment of significant development resources, which are simply out of reach for many other companies playing in the RISC-V processor IP arena,” said Steve Leibson, Principal Analyst at TIRIAS Research.

The SiFive Performance P650 Architecture Preview will be offered to lead customers in Q1 of 2022 with general availability starting mid-year.


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