Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Wireless Technology Offering New Stability and Scalability Levels

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The fast, resilient and robust wireless IoT solution improves the monitoring and management of running critical applications

The Mira version 2.5 by LumenRadio introduces improvements for larger and more stable networks. 

 Fast BLE response

To achieve a fast response between devices and phone applications, a very low BLE beacon interval may be necessary. Compared to the earlier rate of sending 5 beacons per second, the new version supports double that amount, 10 per second, enabling even more responsive commissioning and maintenance for a better user experience.

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Convenient network restarts

To achieve short restart/rebuild times, all network nodes had to be fully rebooted whenever a network restart was necessary. This was a problem for any device running critical applications. 

Now scheduled network restarts have become less intrusive on running applications. Version 2.5 enables only the root node to reboot in the same scenario. All other nodes can use the rejoin function instead of rebooting the entire chipset, all while still achieving a short restart/rebuild time.

Mira version 2.5 also reintroduces support for the MKW41z chipset, across all platforms.

“We’ve gone back to the drawing board on implementations which are part of the very core of the network stack. By optimising radio timing, clock synchronisation and routing layers we take Mira to new levels of stability and reliability,” Johannes Arvidsson, Product Owner at LumenRadio. 


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