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Pyroelectric Fire Alarm

Pyroelectric Fire Alarm

Here is an ultra-sensitive fire sensor that exploits the direct piezoelectric property of an ordinary piezo element to detect fire. The lead zirconate titanate...
Remote Operated Musical Bell

Remote Controlled Musical Bell

This is a circuit for a knock alarm that uses a piezoelectric plate to detects vibration due to knocking and activates an alarm for about ten seconds.
Circuit of low voltage protector

Power Resumption Alarm and Low Voltage Protector

The low voltage protector circuit described here protects your electrical appliances like AC motors from damage due to low voltage at power-on. It remains...
Industrial Revolution: Industry 4.0

The Evolution of Industrial Revolution – IIoT

There was a catastrophic incidence of oil spillage from the oil rigs in Gulf of Mexico in April 2010. The drilling rig ‘Deepwater Horizon’...
car protection unit

Inexpensive Car Protection Unit

For car protection, custom made units are available but they are costly. Here’s an inexpensive car protection unit to protect car stereo, etc. from...
White LED Based Emergency Lamp and Turning Indicator

White LED Based Emergency Lamp and Turning Indicator

White LEDs are replacing the conventional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs due to their high power efficiency and low operating voltage. These can be utilised...
Appliance Timer cum Clap Switch

Appliance Timer cum Clap Switch

This is a circuit for an appliance timer cum clap switch that can operate devices with a clap or can switch them on/off by setting an advance timer ranging from one second to 100 hours in advance.
Power Supply Reversal Correcter cum Preventer

Power Supply Reversal Correcter cum Preventer

When power-supply polarities of an electronic device are accidentally interchanged, the device runs the risk of damage. The danger can be avoided by adding...
Sensitive Vibration Detector

Sensitive Vibration Detector

This sensitive vibration detector is realised using readily available, low cost components. One of its many applications is in a rolling shutter guard for...
ultrasonic burglar alarm

Ultrasonic Burglar Alarm

This unique ultrasonic burglar alarm makes use of the invisible, inaudible ultrasonic sound beam to detect movements. Ultrasonic transducers operate at maximum efficiency when...

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