Thursday, June 20, 2024

Altair PollEx for Altium Launched for Printed Circuit Board Design

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Altair has launched a special edition of Altair PollEx, an electronic system design (ESD) software tool, for Altium users to empower printed circuit board (PCB) designers to predict and maximize overall PCB performance and verify manufacturability.

Altair PollEx for Altium is a free version of PollEx designed to support various electrical computer-aided design (ECAD) software products, the first of which is Altium Designer, as announced at AltiumLive. Altair PollEx for Altium will make board-level simulation and design verification features seamlessly accessible to Altium Designer users.

“The power of Altair PollEx is evident in the broad best-in-class offering for PCB simulation (signal integrity, power integrity, thermal) and comprehensive design verification for manufacturability (DFM), electrical (DFE), and assembly (DFA),” said Stephanie Buckner, chief operating officer, Altair. “We are excited to make this sophisticated technology more broadly available, helping speed up design cycles and improve innovation.”

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“We are excited that Altair has joined Altium’s Nexar partner ecosystem, and very pleased that this edition of Altair PollEx is being made available to the Altium Designer user community at no additional cost to our users,” said Ted Pawela, chief ecosystem officer and head of Nexar business unit, Altium.

Altair ‪technical specialist for ESD, Harry Kennedy, will showcase Altair PollEx for Altium at AltiumLive on January 28 in his presentation, “Addressing PCB Design Quality with a Simulation Driven Design Methodology.” Additionally, Sarmad Khemmoro, Altair senior vice president of electronics design and simulation, will present “Ensuring Electronic System Reliability & How the EDA Industry is Addressing It,” at the event on January 27.



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