Sunday, April 14, 2024

Automated Wireless Lighting Control System Now In India

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The energy saving and maximum efficiency lighting can be installed throughout a building such as hospitals, offices and residential spaces

Lutron Electronics recently launched Vive wireless lighting control system in India, catering to greenfield, brownfield and new small-scale projects. This premium wireless lighting control system can be installed in single spaces or throughout an entire campus. It’s designed to meet current energy codes, be used in new construction, retrofit situations and meet budgetary preferences. It offers a wide range of products – including sensors, remotes, load controls, and an available software management suite. It provides the flexibility to select the products of your choice and manage any on-site challenges easily. 

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Furthermore, the software suite enables linking multiple Vive hubs jointly within one software interface. It delivers advanced intelligence and IoT, improves building performance and saves energy that is necessary for today’s smart buildings.

At Lutron, we strive to be the best and create a benchmark as a company in design and innovation. As a brand, we provide premium offerings to our customers combining lighting control strategies to maximise efficiency. We are tuned in to the current needs of our consumers for contactless technology. Vive wireless solutions offer a multi-prong approach accommodating budget and performance needs now, and for the future of buildings,” said Anjan Mukherjee, Commercial Specification Sales Manager, Lutron Electronics.

Lutron Electronics additionally offers lighting and other automated control solutions for residential spaces and hospitality segments.


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