Saturday, April 20, 2024

Digital Magnetic Sensor Having High Sensitivity And Low Power Intake

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Based on Tunnel magnetoresistance (TMR), the small-sized magnetic sensor features high operating frequency

Coto Technology has announced the release of its new RedRock RR122-1E73-511 / 512 wafer-based TMR (Tunneling Magnetoresistance) digital omnipolar sensor.

The RR122-1E73 TMR sensor features an operating frequency of 2500 Hz, a voltage supply range of +1.7V to +5.5V and an extremely high magnetic sensitivity (15 G or 1.5 mT) in an ultra-miniature package size at a highly-competitive price. 

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Requiring only 11 microamperes of current, the RR122-1E73 Series TMR sensor is ideal for use within products ranging from small battery-powered electronics to industrial machinery. Specific applications could include proximity detection, rotary sensing, utility meters, portable rechargeable medical devices, motor controllers and consumer electronics.

Available in either a tiny 1.4 x 1.4 x .45mm LGA-4 device package or an industry-standard SOT-23-3 package, the RedRock RR122-1E73 fits well into space-constrained applications. The operating temperature ranges from -40 degrees Celsius up to +125 degrees Celsius, although the part is also readily available in a low-temperature version (-40 degrees Celsius up to +85 degrees Celsius).

The Coto Technology RedRock RR122-1E73-511 / 512 TMR Digital Magnetic Sensor is immediately available through Coto’s distributors.


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