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The Alps Alpine sensors are designed for enhancing the safety of vehicles and can be used in vehicle power steering. To boost the adoption of electric vehicles and support the ongoing electrification of vehicles, Alps Alpine has released two new...
Based on Tunnel magnetoresistance (TMR), the small-sized magnetic sensor features high operating frequency Coto Technology has announced the release of its new RedRock RR122-1E73-511 / 512 wafer-based TMR (Tunneling Magnetoresistance) digital omnipolar sensor. The RR122-1E73 TMR sensor features an operating...
Coto Technology's digital magnetic sensor based on Tunneling Magnetoresisteance (TMR) technology comes with diverse operating features Ideal for applications ranging from small battery-powered electronics to industrial machinery Coto Technology has released the RedRock™ RR122-1B12-511 / 512, a digital...

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