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High-Speed And Full-Speed USB Type-C Serial Adapter Cables

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Robust, lightweight and reliable, these can be leveraged for embedded system development, test instrumentation and industrial applications

Connective Peripherals is now supplying the global market with a broad portfolio of converter cabling solutions fitted with USB Type-C terminals. These new cables from the FTDI-approved module/cabling subcontractor will be of considerable value to engineers to facilitate the interconnection of modern electronics hardware with legacy equipment and peripherals. Covering USB-to-RS232, USB-to-TTL and USB-to-MPSSE data interfacing, they can be supplied in either Full-Speed or High-Speed versions. 

These cables feature lightweight, but robust and reliable, construction and are available in a variety of lengths including 0.1m, 0.5m, 1.0m and 1.8m (dependent on the particular model specified). 

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Key uses for these FCC and CE compliant cables are with embedded system development and evaluation activities – allowing the functional parameters of prevalent FTDI ICs to be assessed. The array of solutions available are:

  • The USBC-FS-UART-5V-3.3V-1800-PH incorporates the FT234XD USB-to-UART bridging IC. This cable provides 3.3V TTL level UART signals and an additional 5V output to power external circuits. It features 1.8m of cabling with a 6-way single-in-line 0.1-inch pitch connector.
  • Based on the FT232R interface IC, the USBC-FS-UART-5V-5V-1800-WE cable supports 5V TTL level UART signals and has an additional 5V output to power external circuits. The 1.8m cable has bare wire endings. 
  • USBC-FS-RS232-0V-1800-WE cables feature the FT230X USB-to-Serial bridge ICs, along with integrated RS232 level shifters. 1.8m in length, they have wire ended terminations.
  • Each USBC-FS-RS232-100-DB9 utilises a sophisticated FT231XS X-Chip series USB-to-Serial IC, as well as an FT3243S RS232 transceiver device to provide RS232 levels on the serial interface. These 10cm cables all come with a DB9 connector.
  • Using FTDI’s popular High-Speed USB FT232H interface IC, the USBC-HS-UART-3.3V-3.3V-1800-SPR and USBC-HS-UART-5V-3.3V-1800-SPR can provide USB-to-UART interfacing at high data rates. They use 3.3V UART levels and feature a 3.3V or 5V power output (depending on the model). The 1.8m cables connect via ten single-pole receptacles.
  • The USBC-HS-MPSSE-3.3V-3.3V-500-SPR and USBC-HS-MPSSE-5V-3.3V-500-SPR cables use the FT232H IC to interface Hi-Speed USB to JTAG, SPI and I2C interfaces. They provide 3.3V signals and a 3.3V or 5V power output (depending on the model). The 0.5m cable is terminated in ten single-pole receptacles.

Among the other potential areas where these cables may be employed are test instrumentation, debug apparatus, industrial drives and controls, office equipment, point-of-sale units, barcode scanners, etc. A full suite of drivers (for MAC, Windows, Linux, etc.) is available to support them.


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