Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Motor Control Kit with MOTIX Embedded Power and XENSIV Sensors

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With the MOTIX motor control kit, Infineon Technologies AG presents a complete system solution for motor control. The pre-assembled kit provides everything needed to get the motor spinning in a matter of seconds: a market-proven chipset combined with pre-flashed sample software as well as a BLDC motor – only a power supply needs to be connected. Therefore, the motor control kit enables rapid prototyping and evaluation of low voltage motor controls. Typical applications include auxiliary pumps, cooling fans, HVAC blowers, or any other application that uses 3-phase low voltage BLDC motors.

The MOTIX motor control kit includes the well-known MOTIX TLE9879QXA40 as part of the TLE9879 EVALKIT, as well as angle (XENSIV TLE5012B-E1000) and hall switch (XENSIV TLE4968-1L) sensor PCBs along with a 3-phase BLDC motor. All components are mounted in a 3D-printed housing and are ready for evaluation. The most common types of motor control algorithms, including both sensorless or hall and/or angle sensors as well as block commutation or field-oriented control, are implemented in the pre-built sample code. This enables the designer to compare and select the most suitable algorithm depending on the application.

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Complementing this eval kit, Infineon offers a complete and free of charge tool chain for software evaluation with many software examples. Several application notes and a series of online training sessions on the basics of automotive motor control support engineers in meeting various design challenges.


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