Tuesday, June 18, 2024

New High Frequency, High bandwidth RFICs And MMICs

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The easy to use IC series helps accelerate the design of RF products operating in the mmWave and GHz frequencies

CML Microcircuits announces its range of high frequency, high bandwidth RFICs and MMICs for RF and mmWave applications. Referred to as the SµRF family, the product series helps accelerate the design of RF products operating in the mmWave and GHz frequencies. 

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The products include: 

  • The CMX90A003 (1W) and CMX90A004 (2W) 860 – 960 MHz Power Amplifiers: These two-stage, fully matched MMIC power amplifiers deliver +29.5 dBm (CMX90A003) or +32.5 dBm (CMX90A004) of saturated power. Both devices use GaAs HBT technology. The CMX90A003 is ideal as a booster PA in sub-1GHz applications to extend the range of low-power RF transceivers. The CMX90A004 is optimised to operate as a high-power final stage PA in wireless ISM applications. 
  • The CMX90G301 (+1 dB) and CMX90G302 (+2 dB) 1.4 – 7.1 GHz Positive Gain Slope Amplifiers: These devices compensate the frequency-related gain loss. Using GaAs pHEMT, they combine low DC power, low noise and high gain in a cascadable MMIC. 

The CMX90A003 and CMX90A004 Power Amplifiers, and the CMX90G301 and CMX90G304 Positive Gain Slope Amplifiers all follow the SµRF strategy of offering highly integrated solutions that are easy to use. 

Also, the newly introduced CMX940 low-power Frac-N RF synthesiser addresses the demand coming from OEMs for a high-performance, highly configurable RF synthesiser that can operate from 49 MHz to 2040 MHz. It delivers best-in-class phase noise and low levels of spurious products thanks to its high level of integration, which includes a wideband voltage controlled oscillator (VCO). 


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