Thursday, July 25, 2024

Rugged and Powerful Ready-to-Deploy Smart AI Camera

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The smart camera can be connected to internet or host PC using gigabit ethernet LAN with no need for any additional driver installation

e-con Systems Inc., an embedded camera solutions provider has launched an IP66 rated and Ready-to-Deploy smart camera, SmarteCAM with AI processing capabilities. SmarteCAM comes with a camera based on the SONY STARVIS IMX290 image sensor with an Image Signal Processor (ISP) that supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) and an NVIDIA TX2 module as the host.

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The host – NVIDIA TX2 processor – can run multiple algorithms required for any AI-based application or use case. SmarteCAM can be connected to the internet or host PC using gigabit ethernet LAN. Also, there is no need for any additional driver installation. With all the necessary firmware built-in along with a sample application, SmarteCAM will help companies significantly reduce their time to market. 

This camera is suitable for applications such as crowd monitoring & analysis, smart farming, sports broadcasting, Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), smart traffic, smart cities etc. 

Key Features 

  • Ultra-low Light Performance captures exceptional images even in extremely low light. 
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) helps to capture quality images even in outdoor lighting conditions when the target scene has both dark and bright regions.
  • IP66 (water and dustproof) makes this camera suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments.
  • Powerful AI processing capabilities with on-board TX2 CPU and 256 core GPU deliver output without the connectivity or power of the cloud.
  • PoE (IEEE 802.3at) offers the ability for power as well as data transmission over a single Gigabit Ethernet interface.
  • Streams 1080P@60fps in MJPEG and H264 formats. Also supports uncompressed UYVY streaming.
  • An optional 4G LTE support allows data transfer over a 4G network.

SmarteCAM comes with a standard M12 lens holder and 4 different lens options with diagonal Field of View (FOV) ranging from 112° (D) to 22.30° (D) for various indoor and outdoor applications. The camera also includes onboard storage of 32GB eMMC 5.1 with expandable microSD card support. Other peripherals include an HDMI type A connector, a USB 2.0 host port and a custom header connector for software updates.       

SmarteCAM is packaged with BSP Version L4T 32.2.1 (JetPack 4.2) and e-CAM22_USB firmware version (For default 3.6mm lens). To run new-age edge-AI powered applications, SmarteCAM comes with a software package that includes CUDA 10.0, OpenCV 3.3.1, Python 3.6 and 2.7, Tensorflow 1.14.0, Tensorrt 5.1.6, libcudnn and libnvinfer 5.1.6. 

Customers interested in evaluating SmarteCAM can purchase the product from e-con Systems’ online store. 


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